Volunteering at Swami’s Yoga Retreat near Sydney, Australia

Do you know about helpx.net? It’s a website that costs about 20$ to sign up. You can have a free account and then only hosts can invite you, but you can’t initiate the contact. Well, in Australia you just put your next destination and people will invite you! That happend with Swami’s Yoga Retreat┬áin Australia near Sydney, I never looked for this place, they wanted us to come. The owner is the nicest and the retreat is on a beautiful property in the bushland around Sydney, the perfect place for a relaxing Yoga retreat.

A beautiful Yoga retreat near Sydney

Once a year they celebrate an inspiring Mantra Festival at Swami’s Yoga Retreat with lots of activities, we were lucky to arrive a that time and help to run it. Apart from that, they run Yoga classes, healthy kitchen, wellness amenities and comfortable accommodation for retreat guests or rent the place for Yoga groups. We loved the pool, spa and sauna, since it was a bit fresh in October, the food was amazing and I taught Yoga and Meditation classes for the guests and volunteers.

Living and working in a Yoga community

What is so beautiful about volunteering, is that you don’t work to get paid – you give what you can, you learn, you improvise and grow! I really love the concept of Karma Yoga – selfless giving for the benefit of everyone. So we renovated two rooms, fixed holes in the street, did the housekeeping and window cleaning, garden work, lots of property tidying and beautiful creation of healthy food – with love! I really like to work like this, living and working in a community, no money included. But of course it’s also nice to have a day off and just relax and we had a lot of that, too. The downside for me of such a community: If there is not a day in the week where everyone has a day off together, it can be hard to relax when everyone around you is working and you live in your “workplace”.

I really loved the month at Swami’s Yoga Retreat, such a nice and inspiring group of people! We shared our Yoga and Meditation practice, Anna held deep women circles, the food and sauna healed our bodies.. It feels very natural for me to live in a community like that, but it’s also a lot of work, physically and socially. Thank you for the invitation! <3

Please let me know about similar places like that in the comments, can’t wait to explore more communities ­čÖé


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