Tulum, Akumal and Cenotes snorkeling (Yucatan, Mexico)

Tulum is first a long street, where on both sides hotels, hostels, bars, shops and restaurants line up. You feel directly the hippie atmosphere, many restaurants are also vegan/vegetarian. We find a cheap hostel and explore for a bit. In the evening we go delicious to an Italian restaurant and later to the cocktail bar where they serve fresh sugar cane juice.

The next day we quickly change the hostel and find the nice Sheck Hostel with garden, delicious breakfast and nice people. Not far from there we borrow bikes and explore the area more. It turns out that the main road in Tulum is quite far away from the beach and the ruins of Tulum. On the beach there is another street with many accommodations and restaurants. But it is quite expensive and difficult to reach without a car. The algae plague is even worse here, compared with this the Pacific beaches were much nicer. Nevertheless, it is fun to ride with the bikes and we find a nice regional market.

In the evening we eat delicious burgers in one of the vegetarian restaurants with fresh smoothies and again Mojito. After it cools down in the evening, it’s nice turn a round with the bikes through the city.

From Tulum you can take a collectivo to Akumal, where there is a nice, busy beach where you can snorkel. There are some great turtles to see and a small reef is also close to the beach. There are quite a few snorkelers in the water, so we have not dived down to the animals to not stress them even more… It’s beautiful to lie on the water, just breathe and observe the beautiful, big turtles. Back in Tulum we eat delicious in a Thai restaurant, the food selection is definitly great here.

On day 4, I cycle along the main road to Casa Cenote. I can not really recommend this, I drove on the side strip of an expressway, it seemed a bit dangerous, but also it is not very far. The Casa Cenote is quite cheap and not so overflowed. It winds itself with a few curves through a mangroove forest, the water is crystal clear to the ground and small fishes hide at the edge in the roots. I stay in this magic water for more than an hour, the water is a bit cool, otherwise I would have stayed longer. Wonderful, such a peace and clarity I had never while snorkeling!

Afterwards, I had a look at the ruins on the beach, the location right on the beach is simply picturesque and it is exciting to imagine the life of the Maya here. In the evening we cook in the hostel and travel the next day with a bus for 120 pesos to Cancun. We spent a long time thinking about where to spend our last days in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, we had to exclude some islands because of the algae plague and therefore they were ultimately transferred by ferry to the Isla Mujeres. Will we finally find the white Caribbean beaches there?



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