Is it possible to travel to Australia without big savings?

Yes! We did it and we met other people who successfully did it. You need a few requirements to make sure you will find a job quickly in the first 3 weeks and from then on you can save some money to enjoy Australia.

What do you need?

You should be confident speaking English and not be shy to ask for jobs from the beginning on.

Prepare your CV in English (check the Australian way) and do some research how to find a job in your field of interest in Australia as a backpacker. Easiest is definitly to find a job in Sydney and other big cities or in farmwork.

As soon as you are in Australia, order your TFN (tax file numer) to this hostel/place you stay, so you can better find jobs after it arrives. Maybe leave some money in the hostel if you leave so they can send you the letter and promise them a positive review somewhere online. We started working on a farm without having a TFN. The form that you fill in for your employer even has a field where you can state “still waiting for the TFN number”.

Bring definitly some money (at least 800€ for the first weeks) and focus on the jobsearch. If you cannot start a job without your TFN, find a place where you can live for free rent (working for accommodation) and organise everything so you can start to work soon.

How to find a job quickly?

Look on, there are always many jobs. Or go to job agencies.

Look for a hostel that helps people to find a job or go to a working hostel, they will help you. Ask them before you go about the job chances.

Join backpacker groups on facebook, people often find jobs by asking there or sometimes people offer jobs in it.

Look for medical trials, some people earned some money by doing these tests.

Print a few CVs and go around and ask for jobs, it often works.

How to save money quickly?

Minimum wage is pretty high here, but at the same time living and rent is expensive in Australia. To save money, I worked for accomodation in a hostel and had another job on a farm. We never went out and did not drink alkohol in the first months, because we couldn’t afford it. But we just focused on the many beautiful things you can do for free during the day, mostly the most expensive is nightlife. We used free wifi in the library and in the shopping centre.

After we saved around 3500$ we decided to stop working that much and found a volunteer job in a facebook group. Like that we were able to live in a beautiful place and work for food and accomodation. Afterwards we volunteered in a retreat and a hostel that we found on for free accommodation and food.

We met people, that saved more than 10 000$ in 3 months as furniture movers, labourers or kitchen helpers in Sydney and then travelled whole Australia. It is really expensive if you want to see a lot and you have to work hard in the beginning. If you are happy to volunteer and travel slow and less, you can enjoy a relaxed and cheap time everywhere.


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