Teufelsberg in Berlin, visit the radarstation

For the first time, I was at Teufelsberg in Berlin in 2010, when it was surrounded by fences and graffiti artists, musicians and curious people sometimes slipped through holes in the fence to enjoy the great atmosphere. Every now and then however, teams of security people were there and it was expensive to get caught. We were lucky and spent a magical afternoon there, people  brought instruments and it just sounds crazy in the acoustics of the round dome. Afterwards I tried 2-3 times to get there again, but 2 times security was there and once the whole Grunewald Forest was full of mosquitoes.

Recently, I noticed spontaneously, there is a club on the premises and you can pay entrance and then explore the area on your own. On the website you find opening times and all information. When I was in spring in Berlin and a warm day was announced, I absolutely had to go with my sister!

How to get there?

On the website it said, that you can meet a guide every full hour at the nearest train station (Heerstr. or S Grunewald), but when we saw no one there, we simply walked to the mountain. The entrance was about 8 €, not really cheap, but if you have never been there, it is definitely worth it.

The Teufelsberg is difficult to describe with words … An old radar building in the middle of the city of Berlin on a mountain, decayed by many artists. Hundreds of graffitis and installations, gardens with pallets and art from scrap. Dark stairs lead into the multi-storey building, where you find the large round dome, on the upper platforms one can look over the whole of Berlin and the area and listen to the sounds of the city from a distance. If you are lucky with the weather, you can simply lie in the sun on the warm concrete floor. Still a few dark and hidden stairs higher you get into a large dome built like honeycombs, in this room there is an incredible acoustics with many echoes and reverb, especially if you stand in the middle of the room on the platform.


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