A bycicle lover in Sydney

I like to travel slow and spend at least a month at one place, to experience the atmosphere there and that’s why I knew I wanted to explore Sydney by bike. Buying a bike is an easy way for me to feel at home even faster – I’m saving money, I’m super independent and can just drive around and discover.

Most people say that Sydney is not a bike city, but I think it’s actually ok. You can find a printed map with the best routes by bike for free and there are a few good bike paths. I never had a dangerous situation even driving on the big streets. But you can’t compare it (yet!) to a bike city like Melbourne or Amsterdam… I recommend giving it a try and if you like it – buy a bike on gumtree.com.au and hopefully sell it there again for the same price.

Exploring Sydney by bike

Living in Potts Point we explored the city in all directions by bike and it was mostly good. The route to Bondi or Bronte Beach is quite nice, although you have to ride up a few hills. I crossed Harbour Bridge a few times by bike going to North Sydney and I loved it! It’s amazing if one of the huge cruise ships is under the bridge, goosebumps. Don’t forget to wear your helmet, it’s mandatory in Australia and actually quite funny. Have you heard about these birds in Australia who attack bike riders in breeding season? Not joking, that’s why you might see people who attach cable ties to their helmets.

Bike tour to Manly Beach!

Bike tour: From the City to Manly in Sydney by bike

After taking the ferry to Manly a few times I started to wonder how far it would be to ride there by bike… And I can say it’s totaly possible – about 20 km and 200m up and down. I personally preferred to go back by ferry to keep the day relaxed. The beginning and the streets through North Sydney can be a bit busy but after reaching Sailors Bay it gets super beautiful, check the route here!


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