Sydney! My 10 favourite places

I heard a lot of good and bad stuff about Sydney and wasn’t sure I would like it – in the end I definitely loved it! This city offers a lot of affordable or free activities and has beautiful beaches! Every Sunday we would use the discounted public transport and take ferries or plan longer trips. My main tip if you have a few weeks in Sydney: Buy a bicycle (and sell it again on gumtree) and sign up at a local Yoga Studio to practice a few times a week (highly recommend Yogavillage). Apart from that have a look at my list of 10 amazing and mostly free places in Sydney:


Sydney Observatory is not far from the Rocks just walk up towards Harbour Bridge

10 Sydney Observatory and the Rocks Discovery Museum

Two free exhibitions near Harbour Bridge! At Sydney Observatory I loved learning about weather, history and star constellations here on this continet and they show some nice little movies. Also we enjoyed the beautiful view from the little garden onto bridge and river. The museum at the Rocks is also super interesting, showing some insights of colonization, aboriginal heritage and the fast development of this million city. Don’t miss the interesting videos on the second floor about the construction of the Harbour Bridge!




Waverley Cemetery overlooking the sea

9 A Cemetery on a cliff

This athmospheric cemetery not far from Bronte Beach is overlooking the sea and is just huge – this place is magical! Waverley Cemetery is on a cliff next to Bronte Beach and makes a beautiful little walk from there. I really like to visit cemeteries, but this is a special one. It’s a good idea to go by bike it’s that big.






China Town in Sydney

8 Sydney’s China Town

There’s many reasons to go China Town in Sydney for a few times, not only can you eat the best food there in the many restaurants. If you like outlet shopping, I recommend the shopping center Market City for a chilled afternoon. Good shops but not too big and definitly good if you like sneakers. If you like sweets, look for the queue in front of  Emperor’s Garden Cake & Bakery, wait about 15 minutes and try their little pancake balls.




A Sunday afternoon is perfect to explore the river with a few ferry rides!

7 Ferry rides on Sundays for 2,60$

Sydney’s public transport can be annoying and expensive but how great is it to take a few ferries on a Sunday and explore the Paramatte River and it’s islands!? For just 2,60$ you can take as many trains or ferries as you want. I went to Manly several times, but also highly recommend the beautiful routes to the Olympic Park or to Watsons Bay Station (where you could visit the nice little lighthouse)!





Shelly Beach in Manly for a quiet swim and snorkel


6 Shelly Beach in Manly

After walking towards the right at Manly Beach I discovered Shelly Beach and it really surprised me! It’s a cute, little protected Bay with small rock pool and sandy beach with beautiful stones on the side. The great thing is that I saw a few people snorkeling and there seem to be some nice fishes to observe! Also you can walk up to the lookout behind the beach and enjoy the view from the impressive cliffs.




Lentil as anything in Newtown

5 Go vegan and shop second hand in hip Newtown

Newtown might be the coolest area in Sydney, lots of small shops, second hand stores, restaurants and bars. I love the old houses and the big Newtown Festival in the park. Highly recommend the community restaurant Lentil as Anything, they offer great food and community activities by donation! Also I will never forget the amazing watermelon, strawberry, rose petal and pistachio cake at Blackstar Pastry, best cake of my life!




Bronte Beach Rock Pool

4 Bronte Beach Rockpool

Forget about Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach is nicer and cheaper! You can decide between rocks, sand or grass to lie down your towel. The beach is beautiful and there are shady BBQs in the park. Highlight was the free rockpool with fresh seawater! Also you can walk up to the cliff behind and enjoy the views.





MCA and Art Gallery of NSW exhibitions


3 MCA and Art Gallery of NSW

Of course we went and soaked in Sydney’s art scene, especially on a rainy day. MCA is close to the rocks in the city and offers a big variety of modern art exhibitions, most of them for free. The Art Gallery of NSW is a bit more classical and also by donation, I definitly recommend to visit both and one visit might not be enough.




Beautiful walk along the coast between Bondi and Bronte Beach

2 Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

It can get quite hot on the cliffs between Bronte and Bondi, but it is oh so beautiful! With a bit luck you can spot dolphins or whales. Once a year around November they exhibit beautiful artworks at  Sculptures by the Sea. There’s a few stairs, so you can’t really take your bike and might have to walk the path two times, but it’s worth it.




Rockpool and protected bay of Clovelly Beach


 1 Clovelly Beach

Yes, this was my favourite of all the places in Sydney! Arriving at the parking we were amazed of the impresse cliffs. The beach is in a small, protected bay so you have a natural pool with a few small waves and a saltwater rock swimming pool. It’s definitely worth to bring some snorkeling gear. There is also a small sand beach, but if you like warm stones and cool water, you will love this place.




Please let me know your favourite places in Sydney in the comments!


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