Surfing near Manipal (Karnataka, India)

I’ve been traveling alone in India for 10 days now and since the weather on the coast is still wild and rainy, so not really bathing weather, I come to the idea to go surfing! Surprisingly, I find hardly anything online, there does not seem to be much in the area. On Facebook, I finally discover something nice and make my way to the Shaka Surf Club near Udupi. I take a train from Goa to Udupi, ask for the bus station there and ask again there for a bus to Kemmannu and get out in in the middle of nowwhere (Honde?). I follow the road for a while and then ask a rickshaw driver to bring me to my destination – since the surf club has not offered accommodation at the time, I’m staying in a private Ayurveda clinic, there was no other guesthouse in this little village. So I have suddenly arrived in an Indian clinic and can even eat the fasting meals and participate in yoga at 5:30 am. With the hospital guests I spend some wonderful hours, they are quite interested in me and want to introduce me on the phone even to their family. Sweet People. Especially with the cook and the yoga teacher I get along very well. In the morning at 5:00 am before the yoga, the cook brings me hot water to my room from the second day on, it feels like home.

When I call Tushar and Ishita from the surf club and ask for my first surf lesson, the two are surprised that I arrived there on my own. The village people seem to be mostly Muslim, every few hours you hear a muezzin through the many speakers and the long beach is wide and empty. No trace of tourism.
From now on they pick me up in the afternoon and we drive a few streets to their surf house, which is located directly on the beach. The waves are not ideal, but I learn a lot from the two and we spend 3 afternoons in the wild water. The two are students in Manipal and tell me how they learned surfing a few years ago and then opened their little surf school. In India, there were only a few surfers in 2012 and Ishita is probably India’s first surfer woman. After surfing, they show us the university in Manipal and we go out to eat together. There are no better surfing teachers anywhere in India! I promise to come back in the coming years, until then they want to offer accommodation.

I heard about the  Temple of Udupi, one afternoon I visit it with two other surf students and we marvel at the impressive buildings and interesting people. There is an elephant, but I still have such respect for these animals and dare not even give him a coin. Behind the temple nice shops and halls, where you can buy great fabrics and clothes.

On the last evening I go to the hospital to celebrate my farewell in my sari for dinner and my clinic friends are enchanted and we take many nice photos together.

Have you tried surfing in India?


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