Stand up paddeling (SUP) in Düsseldorf, Unterbacher See, Germany

A sunny summer weekend day in the mid west of Germany – time to have a day trip holiday in the surroundings!

duesseldorf unterbacher see sup stand up paddling paddelboard lake germany

There is a few lakes around Cologne, Duesseldorf and the whole area, nothing better than spending a hot day in nature and swimming in a cold lake. Unterbacher See (Lake) in Duesseldorf is a really beautiful one, there are two public swimming areas, one even for being naked. Unfortunately it is not allowed to swim without paying entry.

You can rent boats or surfing gear, and my favourite – rent SUP (stand up paddling) boards. Standing on the board, it not only a beautiful whole body and balance training, but you also just have the best view. You can deeply see into the clear deep water and enjoy the whole view. I have been paddling a lot in kajaks or canadiers on lakes, but stand up paddling is my favourite just because of the angle you can watch the water.

Unterbacher See is very clear and quiet, there are no currents and the dark water with the deep green plants was just beautiful. There are a few islands you can drive around or just float around the lake. We even tried some Yoga postures on the board, that day there was no wind and the board was suprisingly stable.

I wish I would spend more days like that, doing holiday trips in summer just in the area when I am in Germany!


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