Stopover in Dubai, how to spend a few hours on low budget.

To get the cheapest one way flight to Goa, I flew with two Pegasus flights to Dubai, where I would fly to Goa in 18 hours. Why not, I thought. A visa to Dubai is easy to get and the city might be interesting.

I was not well prepared, but fortunately there is quite good free wifi at the airport  and I could spontaneously look up a few things. So I changed the money in my wallet and left the airport. A rechargeable bus ticket was available at an exchange office and a bus took me to the metro, where I bought a day ticket for 22 AED, which is about 5€. At the airport at Arrivals at Terminal 1 you can leave your luggage for 5€ for 12 hours, very recommendable.

The Metro runs one time through the city, but unfortunately not directly along the sights. But you have a wonderful view and the ticket is also valid for bus and tram. I have wandered around and lost the way between all the big buildings, but it was still a nice experience. I just took a bus line and looked out the window, went back and forth with the metro, a lot I walked around without an idea where I was. There are many large shopping centers and every 100 meters a pretty mosque. The beaches are unfortunately covered by buildings, so that I could not find access and on foot every meter in the rising heat was exhausting. I had a good and cheap meal in a nice Lebanese supermarket.

I was especially impressed by the expansion of the metro, tram and bus stations! Everything is air-conditioned, so you can travel eternal distances without sweating. Even some of the waiting booths at the bus stations are air-conditioned. I generally don’t prefer air conditioning but Dubai is extremely hot so I was quite happy about any cooling. By the way, Dubai seemed to me pleasantly international and open, people were busy with their big smartphones, but otherwise totally nice.

If you want to see more of the sights, it is definitely worth to book the tour with the tourist bus, I heard it costs 40-50 € and has entrance fees and boat trips included. It was enough for me to snap a bit of the atmosphere on Dubai’s streets, I spent 20 € and was more than tired for the next flight afterwards.

For more than a couple of hours it would be nothing for me, on foot it is difficult to find your way and everything is quite expensive and consumption oriented. I guess a taxi driver could have brought me to a public beach, but on foot I found only a long wall of construction sites. Let me know how to do it better next time. 🙂




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