Public transport bus to Melbourne Airport

How to get to Melbourne Airport by bus for less than 5$. It’s not that I couldn’t afford the 20 AU$ for the skybus to the airport in Melbourne Tullamarine, but I just like to find my own ways and am generally curious how to get along with public transport – so I thought I’ll just find the cheapest way to get to the airport!

My flight was at about 11 am, of course I wouldn’t have done this if I had a very early flight. If you use google maps or the Melbourne public transport app, it will look like there is only the skybus going to the airport. It didn’t take me long time of research to find a website that showed an alternative:

Broadmeadows Station bus 901

Just take the train to Broadmeadows Station, walk out to the bus station outside and take the bus 901 to the aiport. The bus comes about every 20 minutes and it is very easy to find and it was empty in the late morning. I had the myki card so it cost me only one regular price for a one way ride, about 4.50 AU$ for the whole way from Central Station to the airport. The bus ride with bus 901 to the airport took about 20 minutes and the airport station is just a 5 minute walk to the entry of the airport where the skybus arrives.

The problem is when you arrive at the airport without having a myki card, people said it was hard to buy one there, but this might have changed! Check new information here (Melbourne Airport Website).

I’d definitely do it again! ­čÖé


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