Peniche, Baleal and Lissabon (Portugal)

Two weeks of camping, surfing and city travel without car hire in the middle of the Portuguese coast. Cheap flights to Lisbon airport, from there simply take the bus to the bus station and then off to Peniche, the trip is not far.

In Peniche there are several campsites, we decide for the camping municipal because it is right on the beach and is very cheap. We were told that we should leave no valuables in the tent, but we did not have any bad experiences and had nice neighbors and plenty of space.

The campsite is located on the outskirts of Peniche, on the right along the beach you can walk beautifully up to the Baleal peninsula. On the way there are nice beach bars, in the evening quite cool parties, impressive rocks and in Baleal you can also spend a beautiful day. There are some surfhostels and accordingly nice people are around.

Peniche also has several interesting corners, old town and city wall, the harbor, nice restaurants and various beaches with varying strength of waves. It was not difficult to find a rental for surfboards and so we practiced surfing for some days on our own. It is also worth comparing the prices, there are cheaper rentals. The beach is quite long, so there was always enough space for us beginners. The water is cool, without neoprene suit I couldn’t stay very long inside.

Like that we spend the days – evenings on the beach, grilling with the neighbors, party in Baleal and daytime surfing or walking around. The beach next to the campsite is also a dream at night, shooting stars and shining algae. Actually we wanted to continue our travel on the coast, but we had everything we needed.

After 10 days we take the bus back to Lisbon and find quite spontaneously a cheap and nice hostel. Lisbon is a great city, you can simply walk in all directions, go by tram and drift. To escape the heat, we look at old Vespas and cars in the design museum and visit some exhibitions of young artists. One highlight is definitely the nightlife at Barro Alto, one bar next to each other and the street full of cheerful people.

More tipps for the area north of Lisbon? I would love to read your experiences.



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