Jungle and Maya Ruins in Palenque (Chiapas, Mexiko)

From the pacific coast to Oaxaca Ciudad – now I finally wanted to move towards the Mexican Carribean and of course stop in the Jungle and visit some ancient Maya Ruins! No trip in Mexico should miss this beautiful part of the country, I think.

From Oaxaca bus station we booked the expensive bus to Palenque, 900 pesos for uncomfortable seats at the front and a night drive with horror movies on the tv in front of me… It is hard for me not to look, I cannot sleep at all. After 15 hours we arrive in the morning in Palenque, I feel horrible. From there we take a collectivo in the El Rancho district and after a bit wandering around we find there a nice jungle room for 150 pesos. There is a handful of restaurants in El Rancho, but we are not so impressed with it… The people are very nice and it is pretty, nice and quiet. Quite fast we are also offered mushrooms, which we thankful reject. In El Rancho there was hardly any Wifi and we have not really prepared for the place, so we go again to the city in a Wifi Café to make some plans and buy fruit.

Day 2, the pizza from the evening before is very heavy in the stomach, generally we are both a bit difficult with the food in Mexico … Nevertheless, we start early and visit on our own the ruins of Palenque at the jungle edge. The complex is beautiful, very different from Oaxaca, here it is sultry and the plants grow over the walls. In the morning it had rained, we have seen no rain for weeks. The museum is also worth a visit. Behind the ruins there is a small circular path at a waterfall, which is very pretty. And further down the road we find a clearly marked jungle circular path. We see a few loud shouting monkeys and great trees. There are also many old ruins, the whole jungle seems to be full of them. After walking a bit, we realizie the signage is not so good, but the way is beautiful. We get lost and we find the way again. In the evening we just share a pizza and drink a mezcal for digestion. The atmosphere is nice but we would wish for nicer Mexican restaurants.

In one day we have seen much, you can make trips to waterfalls, but everything is very expensive. The humidity is oppressive and El Rancho is no longer so exciting. We make our way to Palenque town and find out that a second class bus runs every few hours towards Bacalar. Not many tourists seem to take these 2nd class buses, but after the bad experiences in the expensive bus we want to try it at least once.

So Palenque was nice, but we didn’t feel like staying longer. At night, everything is very moist and we slowly missed the sea and wanted to feel dry again. The trip from Oaxaca we can not recommend, maybe there are other routes or nice stopovers!

I’m happy to answer all questions. How did you like Palenque?



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