Oaxaca Ciudad (Mexiko)

From the mountain village San Jose del Pacifico it is a 3-hour bus ride with medium-sized white buses to Oaxaca City. First the track is very curvy, but then it gets better. We arrive at a fairly central bus stop and start the hostel search, finally we end up at the Don Pablo Hostel, nice with patio and roof terrace and with breakfast. On foot, from there you are fast in the city center and the market, which is by the way very versatile.

We visit the beautiful “museo de la cultura de oaxaca“, a great old building with many historical rooms, but the descriptions are only in Spanish and not very detailed. The botanical garden right next door is also worth a visit. Afterwards we stroll through the alleyways and go for a coffee in one of the many nice cafes. Oaxaca is really a nice city where you can spend pleasant hours.

In the city, many tours are offered for tourists, but we want to save a little money and explore the surroundings on our own. So we take a public bus (in the front window it says Monte Alban) to impressive Temple Mount Monte Alban. From the terminus of the bus it is about 3km to walk to the entrance. The ruins are very impressive and it is worth getting up early because it gets very hot in the afternoon. On the way down to the city we are kindly taken back by a few young people in the car to the city.

We prepare our own meals in the hostel most of the time, but especially nice we found the restaurant “Lobo Azul”, there you can also have wonderful breakfast.

Our next trip is to the lime waterfalls “hierve del agua“, so we went looking for the “local 2nd class” bus stop in Oaxaca, a bit outside of the center. Finally we find the cheap bus to Mitla for 16 pesos. From Mitla we take a Collectivo to the place before the waterfalls and then with 3 other tourists a rickshaw for 10 pesos per person. Hierve del agua is beautiful and very hot, we walk around for a long time and also descend to the waterfall. You should be up early, it can be very crowded sometimes. We start walking back to the village and a nice gas-seller invites us to drive with him. In the village, wait long for the Collektivo to Mitla, a windy, fast and beautiful ride through the mountains. Then we take a taxi Collectivo back to Oaxaca City, which costs for us three not much more than the bus. Like that we had a cheap and adventurous day!



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