Mazunte (Oaxaca, Mexiko)

I spent 4 months (November to February) in beautiful Mazunte, 3 months on the camping area at the Hridaya Yoga Center and 1 month in a cheap room, rented by a family in the neighboring town San Augustinillo. It was wonderful weeks and I felt at home quickly. I also had a bit of luck, these months seem to be the best time to travel, not too hot and hardly rainy. Numerous families rent pretty private rooms with kitchen, asking around is worthwhile.

A few tips for your time in Mazunte:

Mazunte is not far along the coast from Puerto Escondido and next major town is Pochutla, from there you can easily reach it by collectivo and taxi. The village Mazunte is long stretched along a road that leads to San Augustinillo and Zipolite. From this road a few small ones go down to the beach, where most of the life takes place in the village. There you find numerous bars, cafes, guesthouses and small shops. Special places like several yoga communities and the small French bakery make Mazunte so adorable and contribute to the hippie atmosphere. On the beach are several bars, which also offer simple rooms. The beach itself is long and wild, near the rock borders at the edge it is a bit quieter.

Going up the street to the mountain towards the cemetery, there is a crossroads, left hand the path to Punta Cometa, the beautiful vantage point on a wide cliff. And further to the right is a long, wild beach with black sand and a few quiet accommodations.

If you go up the mountain from Mazunte to Augustinillo, you will find another, endless beach. A part of the sea is enclosed by rocks, so that you can also swim on windier days. On quite calm days you can even snorkel a bit.

Yoga can be done in several places, for example at the Hridaya Yoga Center or in the Communidad Om Shanti and is it often by donation. In Om Shanti, by the way, weekly they prepare a beautiful lunch buffet, which is also by donation. At Hridaya Yoga you can take longer courses, also meditation retreats and stay there on camping, dorm and cabanja. Bhajans, beautiful Mantra singing circles, regularly performed on Fridays.

All in all, there are several really nice restaurants in, an Argentine, several pizzerias and many Mexican restaurants. Many local families offer a small kitchen and fresh juices and coconuts.

In Mazunte there are wild turtles to observe on the beach depending on the seasons, you can also see them in the turtle museum, even if it is not so nice and the animals partly cramped.

A road run in front of Mazunte is the Lagarto Real eco-opera, which takes care of the beach with the turtles and the adjoining lagoon with its crocodiles. It offers beautiful guided boat trips through the lagoon where you can see the crocodiles and the unique flora and fauna. Mangroves and large lizards are a highlight besides the crocodiles.

Every year, a large and very professionally organized circus festival takes place in February, for which many guests travel to the town. Another Highlight: On the beach of Mazunte and San Augustinillo you can ask the fishermen for boat trips, in some months you can even admire whales, turtles and mantaroches, and dolphins can be seen regularly.

What’s your favourite place in Mexico? 🙂


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