Mahahual (Yucatan, Mexiko)

At the main street of Bacalar, we ask a woman for buses to Mahahual, she tells us that we have to wait a few hours … Hmmm, we wait and buy a few snacks, but in the meantime white collectivo buses come by. So ask people and it turns out that they go in the direction of Mahahual. We’re relieved that we did not buy a bus ticket from the woman. At the crossroad near our destination, we just wait for some collectivo in our direction, but then we are taken by a nice guy with a pickup truck. The road is wide, he drives almost 100km/h, huh.

He leaves us straight to our goal, super nice. For the first time on this trip we booked something before arrival, we wanted to treat ourselves with a pretty wooden cabana right on the beach for 600 pesos the night.

We explore the small place, since we have come across recommendations, we haven’t read anything about it. It turns out that at the moment an algae plague disturbs the Caribbian coast, everywhere incredible amounts of algae are cleared from the beaches. Mahahual is super touristic but the promenade is undoubtedly pretty. The beach is (if without algae) a dream of Caribbean, however strongly cultivated. It is nice to swim in the shallow, clear water and snorkel. We spend the days lying on wooden couches and reading in the shade of the palm trees. 1-2 times a day an enormous cruise ship anchored on the outskirts and a huge group of people is suddenly on the promenade. At first we were shocked, but ultimately it is quite entertaining. They were mostly loud and drunken Americans, which we had never seen anywhere else in Mexico. The back streets in the village are quieter and partly nice, we found a cheap, small shop, where a guitar-playing Caribian sold us fresh juices and in the morning fruit salad with muesli, so our mornings were saved!

In the evening when the ships are gone, it is relaxed in Mahahual, some shops even close early. Our cabana is the most expensive accommodation on this trip and turns out to be a mosquito hell … I wish we hadn’t booked 3 nights. So we make the best of the stay, each evening testing another restaurant and spending relaxing days at the beach and in the water. You can eat good lobster and the nice restaurant “100% Agarve” serves fresh cocktails with coconut water and delicious (vegetarian) mexican food. They also have a dormitory, certainly better and cheaper than our hut, well.. From there we spontaneously searched for accommodations again, no more booking online ..

After 3 days we continue, although we will surely miss our juice store! We take a collectivo bus to Limones (50 pesos) and there is a bus to Tulum (120). From Tulum we have heard good things, let’s see.



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