Laguna Bacalar (Yucatan, Mexico)

We wait a long time in Palenque until the 2nd class bus finally goes off, for only 250 pesos it brings us to Bacalar. It is a yellow, old USA school bus with comfortable leather seats. We are the only tourists and the bus seems to be full with workers, making us feel a bit strange. The bus driver is super nice and makes sure we can sit in the front. He puts Cuban music from the sixties and so we enjoy the ride with open windows, much better than air conditioning. Only when it starts to rain, it would have been practical to be able to close the windows….

Midnight we get out in Bacalar on the main road and take quickly a taxi to a hostel. In the morning we are flashed by the view of the turquoise lake and look around first, it is always funny to arrive at a new place in the dark. Bacalar is pretty but at the same time it seems to be a bit abandoned, as if many people had come here in the past, but not anymore… We like it and the people are nice.

Unfortunately, there is no right way around the lake, but here and there you can find nice bathing places. It is difficult to describe, the bottom of the lake is lime mud and therefore hardly overgrown. In several places are circular huge holes in the bottom, which are very deep and thereby the different colors of the lake arise. There is a cheap outdoor swimming pool on the left side of the village where you can rest well and make a one-hour boat trip to the other side of the lake for 100 pesos. Apart from that, it is best to get an air mattress and simply to float on the water or read a book on a footbridge.

The abandoned and relaxed atmosphere in Bacalar invites you to relax, you can have a good few days, but it can also be boring. In our hostel it was nice and we often cooked and chatted in the evening.

Then we wanted to move on to the Caribbean coast! A girl from the hostel recommends us the village Mahahual, it is not far, so we check it out. From the main road in Bacalar to the intersection at Mahahual, it is only 35 pesos with a white Collectivo bus, where we get out and hitchhike to the coast.



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