Isla Mujeres (Yucatan, Mexiko)

From Tulum we take a bus to Cancun for 120 pesos and then a taxi to the port where the ferry waits to Isla Mujeres. The ferry costs back and forth around the 140 pesos and is shaking on the ocean more than you would expect. Arrived on the island, we quickly realize that it is extremely touristy, but also extremely beautiful. Cecile is waiting with the luggage in a café and I start looking for a cheap, private accommodation. There are hostels, but we want a restful and reasonably priced double room. After a bit of asking around I get a large, simple room for 520 pesos the night, although without kitchen but it’s ok. For here that is really a bargain. Around the corner is a small, fine and not so overflowed beach. The water is clear and shallow, the sand is fine, finally we can drift freely in the water. We found it – our dream beach. In the evening we treat ourselves to shrimp in coconut mango sauce at “Los Abuelos”, super delicious.

The next morning we look for the market hall and breakfast there cheap and fresh juices and cover us with fruit. We spend the day reading, snorkeling and swimming at the beach. In the evening we decide for sushi, the restaurant selection is of course huge. At night you can probably party here, we hear the music in the room, but it is pleasant to fall asleep.

On the island, it seems normal to borrow a golf cart and round the island. This is not our thing, we borrow bikes and use our legs. After only a few miles we regret this decision … There are always slopes and it is damn hot. Nevertheless, the tour is beautiful, with great views and fantastic beaches. Totally sweaty we go to a large supermarket for lunch and let us cool off by the air conditioning. In the evening we are too exhausted to leave the room, but we have now seen the whole island on our own …

We spend our last day in Mexico with a bit of shopping and a long siesta. In the morning we have a nice breakfast everyday testing a new café, and no day without fresh juices in the marvelous market. On the right beach, where it is a bit wilder, we rummage long in the many small shells and stones. And in the evening we have a wonderful dinner with Humus and Kufta at “Olivia’s”. Pure holiday fun. Isla Mujeres in February? We didn’t have a bad time there!



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