Exploring Parks in Sydney!

Sydney is a big, busy city. After spending the first 6 months in Australia in smaller places, it seemend only natural to me – let’s buy bikes and explore as many parks in Sydney as possible! Yeah it’s true, Sydney is not a bike city, but if you are a bike person with some city experience, you will still love to cycle around. The more people do it, the better it will become! We never had dangerous situations, but also didn’t ride super fast. You will find a lot of parks in Sydney and since it is very close to beach and river, some of them are special having beaches, others have big ponds. I love to be in a big city but still connect to nature a few times a week, being able to walk barefoot, lie on the grass, practice some Yoga or slackline! A lot of places have little workout parcours, so the parks are the perfect place to get fit as well!

Royal Botanic Gardens

Most tourists visit this park in Sydney and yes, it is totally worth it! Trees, flowers, eels in the pond, fern garden, glasshouses, beautiful meadows and so much more. Definitly one of the best botanic gardens I have visited so far and unbelievably close to the city center! The view on Harbour Bridge and Opera House is amazing. Sadly bikes are not allowed and they close the garden in the night. There is a park in front of the Botanic Garden, from there you have a beautiful night view on the bridge (near Farm Cove). My favourite place: Hang out near the eel pond and watch them chase the ducks!

Parks near Kings Cross

Do you live near Kings Cross and need some quiet time in nature? Make sure you hang out in these two parks at least once per week, the city can be tiring otherwise! Arthur McElhone Reserve is a sweet, little park in Sydney overlooking the water. It’s very green and you can watch the fish in the little ponds – this place is like an oasis in the desert. Rushcutters Bay Park is a little harbour with big meadows, a few trees and a workout area. Some of the trees are perfect for slacklining and if you come in the late afternoon you can pet a lot of nice dogs.

Bike trail park

Centennial Park is a paradise of a park in Sydney for every bike lover! There is a circle bike trail without interruptions with lots of shade to ride some rounds. And the park is divided in different sections with ponds, trees and gardens. Column Garden was my favourite, with beautiful flowers and nice birds to watch.

Near the bridge

Barangoo Reserve is a newly built park with lots of stones just next to harbour and river. It’s perfect to watch the bridge and all the boat activities on Parramatta River. Dawes Point is a nice little park next to the bridge, being below the huge building is very impressive. It’s also worth crossing the bridge by bike (or foot) and relaxing at beautiful Milsons Point where you can overlook the city – it’s easy to take the ferry back from there.

Beach parks

These places are all nice to reach by bike: Relax at the river beach at Rose Bay when you’re too lazy to ride to the real beaches. I love Bronte beach and the nice park just next to the beach. Enjoy the free saltwater pool and beautiful beach without the big masses at Bondi Beach. Hornby Lighthouse area is not very crowded and such an impressing place, you can easily spend a few hours here! Old military ruins, beautiful cliffs overlooking the ocean, beautiful beaches and the sweet lighthouse – don’t miss it.


I’m convinced, the best way to explore Sydney for a few weeks, is by bike! And taking breaks in the green parks will definitely make this busy city more enjoyable.


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