Croatia, the coast near Zadar and the National Park Krka

A small trip to Croatia with friends – we live in Nin and make trips to Zadar, Vir, Vrsi and Krka National Park. We went by car from Cologne, which is 1400 km. Without an intermediate stop this trip is extreme and I would prefer to fly today and then organize a rental car. The hot days in summer in Croatia are only to be borne for me if I spend a long time in the cool water and then it is just wonderful!

We live in a holiday house in Nin, 15 km from Zadar and are flexible thanks to the car. Nin is a pretty little village with a small old town, several small beaches and great paths along the coast. During the day it was very hot in August and the beaches full – sometimes we went swimming early in the morning before the breakfast in the still quite calm sea. Then made a long siesta in the shade on the terrace and went back later when the sun was more down. It is beautiful to walk along the coast towards Vrsi! Especially in the morning or after 5:00 pm. The water in the early morning is as flat as if you were on a lake. There are hardly any waves during the day. I have not been to the Mediterranean so often, and I am thrilled by this calm sea.

Zadar has a picturesque old town where you can shop great and stroll through the alleyways. There is a nice market and even a fish market. On the market there are local schnapps, honey and great fruits and vegetables. The promenade is a dream, especially at dusk. In the evening one can sit wonderfully at the local sea organ and watch the light play of the great solar circle.

One day we went to a lonely sandstone bay on a gravel road, where you can snorkel. Here I discovered my passion for snorkeling, I could spend hours in the water and just let me drift! The feeling is magical, eyes wide open and you listen to your own breathing. The Mediterranean here in Croatia is mainly stony coast and thus ideal for snorkeling. The high temperatures are also great, only against the sun you have to protect yourself. On the island of Vir (right next to Nin) there are several such bays, but you might need a car to reach them.

The waterfall in the national park Krka (about 100 km from Nin) is quite crowded in the high season and you have to pay at the entrance to the park, but we had a fantastic day and I would like to go one day again! There is a pretty path to the falls across the river along the water and below you can swim and snorkel. We have even jumped in again in smaller waterfalls, but this does not really seem to be allowed. This waterfall is the largest in this national park, there is much more to see and it might make sense to spend several days here!

Hope to see you soon again, Croatia. Note to myself: Not in August, much too hot!

Any recommendations for my next trip to Croatia?





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