Coolum and Mount Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Australia

From Maroochydore it is a nice bike tour to Coolum, first we followed the river, then the highway and then turning right towards Coolum along the Sunshine Coast Airport. Or we took the bus from Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore directly to Coolum for a few dollars, it goes every 20 minutes.


Coolum is a very nice little beach town with a beautiful little park and a skatepark in front of the beach. What we loved most is the special promenade with wooden path along the cliffs, going up to a view point where you overlook the ocean and can sometimes even spot whales. In the other direction, there is a beach behind the camping, where a little lagoon meets the ocean. That’s an amazing spot for sunset.┬áIn Coolum are a few nice shops, surf stores and restaurants. It seems to be a good spot for surfing.


In front of Coolum is a special mountain, Mount Coolum, not far from the airport. Like the Ululuru it is a rock formation of one big rock and looks amazing, like a huge stone fallen from the sky. You can walk up on a beautiful path, it’s possible barefoot and in flip flops, but a bit easier in shoes. The way is partly on man made stairs, partly on the natural rocks. From the top you can overlook the beautiful area, forests and rivers in the back and the ocean and never ending beaches in the front. We heard it’s amazing to go up for sunset or sunrise, but one way you have go to in the dark at that time of the day..

We weren’t able to spot koalas there, has anyone been more lucky? ­čÖé Pretty┬á cool place if you ask me!


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