Things we loved for free in Brisbane, Australia


For the first two nights we stayed at a pretty cheap Hostel (Yellow Submarine), the wifi there was good and for free, so we could do a quick research, since we hadn’t prepared anything for our stay in Brisbane.

I found a great blog article with things to do for free in the city, since we were on a pretty small budget that seemed ideal for us!

Brisbane was our first stop in Australia, we expected it to be quite expensive. In the end we were surprised how affordable it can be! There are free public toilets everywhere and you can drink the tab water. In Australia it seems to be normal that you can use public gas barbeques in the parks for free. And a lot of museums and public transport doesn’t cost anything as well. Yes, if you go to restaurants and bars, it will be a bit more expensive than in Germany, but we mostly cook in the hostel and prepare a lunch to have a small picknick.


We loved walking along the river on both sides, the bike and pedestrial paths there are just amazing. On the right side it goes along all the beautiful museums with nicely planted gardens. Further we found the little city jungle with asian wooden temple after the Wheel of Brisbane. If you go further the right side towards the Story Bridge, you will cross the beautiful parks at Kangaroo Point, where people go rock climbing or use the free barbeques near the water. And of course have a quick look at the old bridge there. If you walked until here, consider taking the ferry back.

For one day we signed up on the website for the city bikes. It costs only 2$ and then you can use these bikes for as many 30 minutes for one day as you like. Just make sure you reach the next station in half an hour. So we fallowed the river on both sides for a while. Explored the botanic garden. We cruised through the hip part of the city West End with many cafés and record stores. Behind it is a nice quiet living area with interesting houses and on the main road you will find Aldi, where you can do cheap grocery shopping the german way. Not far from Aldi is the river again, so you can drive back to the city along the promenade.


A lot of museums in Brisbane seem to be (partly) for free, which is really nice. We visited the modern Art Museum GOMA, situated in a beautful building at South Bank Parklands next to the river. It is a must go if you ask me! Beautiful collection of modern and aboriginal art.

The Science Museum was also pretty interesting, part of it is for free and you can learn a lot abount Australian animals, plants and other science/nature topics.


A few ferries cross the Brisbane River, one of them the red boat City Hopper is even for free! Sometimes it is full, but we were lucky to even catch two seats on the roof and enjoy the whole tour with amazing view. We got out near the Story Brigde and visited Kangaroo Point Parks and after a while took the ferry again back to the city.

Definitly worth a visit! We loved the interactive exhibition about cultures and people in Brisbane (180° Brisbane) and also the art exhibition. At the counter you can ask for the free tower visit tours and they will give you free tickets for it. A very old elevator took us up the tower where we enjoyed the view above the skyscrapers of the city.


South Bank has a lot to offer, what we loved most was the huge free swimming pool with sand beach. Clean public showers and toilets and free wifi, in the end we spent two sunny afternoons in this beautiful litte paradise. Before coming to Australia I did not think that a free pool would exist anywhere in the world!

We didn’t read much to prepare our trip to Australia, maybe that’s why Brisbane already blew our minds.. What a beautiful city, great parks, amazing bikes routes, rock climbing, free pool/ferry/museums! Must be great to live here.



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