6 weeks travel route in Mexico: From the Pacific to the Carribean Beaches

After 4 months of living and volunteering in the village Mazunte on the Pacific Coast, I traveled for 6 weeks in Mexico. Let me tell you about my travel route!

How to get there? I found cheap return flights to Cancun directly from Germany with Condor or Thomas Cook Air. From Cancun I booked an inland flight to Puerto Escondido, sometimes they have direct flights or you have to change in Mexico City. If you only want to travel in Mexico, you should consider just flying to Mexico City, after visiting this huge city, you can just take an overnight bus to the Pacific Coast and start traveling from there.

Stop 1: Mazunte, Puerto Escondido – just take local buses, taxis or collectivos to travel around. The area is amazing: Beach villages, whale/dolphin watching, crocodile lagoon boat tour, small hikes, yoga and meditation retreats. 5-10 days. Consider joining a meditation retreat for 3-10 days!

Stop 2: San Jose del Pacifico – from Pochutla (30 min. by collectivo from Mazunte) you can take a small bus to this amazing mountain village. Beautiful forest hikes! The nights are cold, 3 days might be enough.

Stop 3: Oaxaca City – back into the bus you drive from the mountain village to this beautiful Mexican city. Monte Alban and Hierve del Agua day trips and 3 days in the city, 5-7 days might be enough.

Stop 4: We took a long overnight bus directly to Palenque, from the city into the jungle. You might check if there is a nice stop in between. We stayed in El Pancho and enjoyed the jungle and the ruins, 3 nights was enough for us, it is very humid there.

Stop 5: We took another night bus to Laguna Bacalar with a small bus company, it was a little adventure! The lagoon is beautiful, a few days to totally relax and do nothing.

Stop 6: Local buses to Mahahual beach, where we rented a Cabana for 3 nights. Mahahual is twice a day filled up by the crowd of cruise ships, so actually, I wouldn’t recommend going there. But for the first time at Carribean beaches and the small juice place we found in the back of the small city, it was worth coming!

Stop 7: To Tulum we took two local buses, we stayed in a hostel on the main street of Tulum, quite far from the beaches. Accommodation at the beach was a bit expensive. We rented bikes and visited the Ruins, the beach and a market. The best was definitely our day trip to Akumal Beach, where you can snorkel with turtles from the beach and snorkeling in beautiful Casa Cenote! 3-5 days.

Stop 8: Local bus and ferry to Isla Mujeres. The Island is very touristic, but in this year it was our only choice, because the whole Carribean coast was full of algae… In the end, we found a cheap room and discovered the market hall, where you can buy cheap fruit and juices. Snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful beaches of this little island was a real holiday and one day we even rented bikes and drove around the whole island.


What did I miss in Mexico? Let me know where to go next time or other travel routes in Mexico! I’m always happy to answer any questions.

Travel route Mexico impressions


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