10 days brown rice fasting, time to reflect and detox


At the Hridaya Retreat in Mexico, I learned a fasting method inspired by the Macrobiotist George Oshawa. People ate for ten days only brown rice, also allowed were basil tea, sesame and a tiny bit of salt. You can eat during the day as much as you want, but only that. At that time in Mexico, the amazing food there was too valuable for me, so I did not feel like joining, but in the summer after, I tried it at home. In addition to brown rice, I bought red, unpeeled basmati rice in an Asia shop, which is just as healthy and is supposed to be good for our blood.

The idea behind the rice fasting is, that after 10 days of fasting the red blood cells in the body are going to be renewed. Also, bowel and stomach get a break because rice is supposed to be easier digestible and detoxifying.


The first 3 days were quite easy, at the beginning you are not enthusiastic about the constant rice meals, but with some sesame and salt it tasted good. Especially when the sesame is ground in the blender and roasted briefly and then mixed with the salt and spread over the rice. Every morning I cooked a large pot of rice, which saved me a lot of time in shopping and cooking – so I had much more time for my hobbies. Of course you also save a lot of money. I was not hungry, because I could eat as much rice as I wanted. But I also did not look forward to the meals and lost more and more the desire for rice and then any food. Very hard is also watching the people you around eating normal and not being able to join. My mood was ok, but the thought of having to eat rice for 7 more days was already difficult.

At the latest when the weekend came, it was hard for me to drink no alcohol. My mood was relaxed and sluggish. When I sat among people who smoked and drunk, I did not have much to contribute to the conversation and did not feel like being with people. I did yoga every day and meditated, after that I was happier, but still I was more and more on my own.

The days passed quickly. I spent as little time in the kitchen as possible, and I did not want to get hungry, so I ate every few hours. Without delicious drinks and food, I definitely had much less joy in life and was also less sociable, especially by abstaining from alcohol. Sure, I would have liked to eat with the others sometimes, but it was just not an option and that is why I simply distracted myself or left the room…

It was especially hard on days 9 and 10. I had slight headaches, a great desire for sugar and was just moody and negative. I did not want to leave my room and only watched series. We then made a small bike tour and I bought myself in the drugstore brown rice waffles. I could not stand the consistency of boiled rice any longer. Actually this was not really allowed, but there is nothing other than rice in the waffles …

On the last day I went to a concert in the evening. I was not sober for a long time with people at a concert and quickly I was relatively annoyed. The feeling of being the only one sober and half hungry was hard to bear. I became aware: I can not enjoy this evening soberly with people, the drunks around me were hardly to bear for me. On the one hand, I have certainly improved, but at the same time I realized that a large part of my social life is based on alcohol consumption and I have never learned to have fun without drugs. How learn that if I drink every weekend? I was definitely dependent on alcohol in this respect and could not imagine a life without. It seemed to me as if the alcohol was a large part of my personality and without it I was a giddy person, which was just true at that time… I broke the fast in the evening and allowed myself a pure carrot juice, which was heavenly.


The next day, the 10 days were finally over and of course it was fantastic to finally eat slowly normal again. Everything tastes incredibly intense and delicious. I definitely had the tendency (as often before) to eat until I am too full. Meals just give me a great pleasure and I love my hot drinks, like chai latte, sweetened teas or cereal coffee. I do not think my eating habits have changed, but I am more aware of my dependencies, especially with sugar and wheat. The topic with the alcohol consumption went very deep in me. Gradually, I completely stopped drinking. At the beginning only one to two beers per evening and after that I simply put water in the beer bottle in the bathroom to deceive myself a bit. Soon I drunk then only alcohol-free beer. Every now and then I make small exceptions, but overall my goal is to bear myself without alcohol. I try to be a person who likes others without stuning myself. It’s still very hard for me and I’m certainly much more boring than before! Alcohol has always made me more unrestrained and ecstatic. Now I am certainly calmer and more grounded. Great is, that I can meditate much better since then and no longer wake up and totally regret the last night. I feel as a person more complete, not so divided. I am more interested in meditation, yoga or nice conversations. Many might think that I changed a lot and am boring, but this is worth it to me to be in general more content.

I have to repeat the rice fasting soon, it has already been almost two years.. I am very curious whether it will be easier for me now. I think it is a very simple form of fasting because you are not hungry. But the time must be well chosen, best so that no moments fall into the period, where you would have to do suffer too much. Don’t forget to keep a small diary about your moods and feelings. 🙂

Potts Point, NSW


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